CloudCI (Continuous Integration) in the Private Cloud

RDS offers CI through TeamCity, Jenkins, and Cruise Control.NET to name a few.
We offer:
  • Fully working
  • Dedicated Instances
  • with Consultation
  • and Recommendations from experienced staff

Private - This means private. Only you can get to your private source code.
Fully Working - When an instance is ready for you, it is ready to go with no guess work about what else you might need.
Dedicated Instances - You are the only person using the instance.
Consultation - If you need consultation, we offer that to help you make the best decisions for your CI needs.
Recommendations - We can recommend the best options for your needs.

The current plan is a $45 monthly fee with a one time $150 non-refundable initial setup fee. The initial fee covers the first monthly fee plus consultation and setup.
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Refund policy - You may cancel at any time. The setup fee is not refundable, but any unused portion for a monthly fee is. If you are unhappy with the service provided, we will refund the last recurring charge at the cancellation of your account.
If you have questions or just need to contact RDS, please send an email to support at and reference CloudCI.